What is your definition of Design with the User?

Hi everyone,

I’ve started a Google Doc for us to share our thoughts on what “Design with the User” means. The goal is to have a general definition we can share on the website to help us and others know what this means in our work. Deadline is July 25 to have it ready for our 1st meeting the next week.


PS: Google docs are great at tracking changes, so feel free to add & edit liberally. We’ll do a copy edit the last week of July before we publish on the web.

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For me, design with the user, means forming these initial opinions after observation of users and direct conversation with them; then testing the opinions by putting product in the hands of users quickly; learning from how people use it; and, adjusting the product in response.

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By designing with the users, and not for them, you can build digital tools to better address the specific context, culture, behaviors and expectations of the people who will directly interact with the technology.