What is the road map of web development?

So, I’ve been learning web development for almost an year and I’ve been on the wrong path for the almost half of the year.

I would you to recommend to take web development course for any university or coaching institute OR you can take it online course from udemy and other platforms.

The Road map of web development should be :

Learning is required for Any Path

start with skills every developer needs to learn, HTML and CSS.

Introduction to Programming

Take up java scripting after that. JS needs patience, as well as the ability to be good. JavaScript may be used for both the frontend and the backend, allowing you to create full-stack apps with just one language.

Learn Frontend Development:

Frontend development is the process of creating web user interfaces. You’ll need a firm grasp of JavaScript as well as an awareness of how HTML and CSS work.

Learn Backend Development

The backend is where you interact with the database, implement business logic, and send data to the frontend.

I am new in web development field, but I know what road map, we should use in making the website. So Google crawler comes to our website and crawl it. If our website road map is good, then our website will index on google.