Wehubit launches its first Call for Proposals for Grants


Wehubit is a new D4D programme of the Belgian development cooperation, which started on April 1st. Its brand new website Wehubit already publishes the first call for proposals (grants) concerning ‘Women and young people’s rights, inclusion and empowerment’. The call is open until August 10th.

Wehubit is implemented by Enabel, the Belgian development agency, together with its partner BIO. Through our single-entry portal Wehubit, your Digital for Development (D4D) initiatives can gain access to financing: grants, loans & equities. The initiative falls under the Belgian Development Cooperation’s ‘Digital for Development’ and ‘Private Sector Development’ agenda. Wehubit aims to support and enhance digitisation as a tool to accelerate sustainable development, increase prosperity, reduce inequalities and empower people and businesses in developing and emerging countries. Besides providing funds, the programme aims to develop partnerships and acts as a ‘hub’ connecting the many actors of various ‘Digital for Development’ (D4D) ecosystems. It collaborates closely with the Kindling platform in Belgium.

Who is the funding for?

Wehubit primarily targets projects from the partner countries of Enabel and BIO on the African continent. Non-profit organisations (for grants via Enabel) and private companies (for loans and equities via BIO) can submit a proposal. We focus on projects that will (1) scale up existing digital solutions so that these are rolled-out at a larger scale and become more available, affordable and performing; (2) replicate proven digital solutions in other contexts; and (3) develop innovative digital solutions exploring new ways to solve development challenges.

Supported projects are selected through calls for proposals and are aligned with our guiding principles: the use of digital technologies as an enabler for sustainable development, the D4D strategic note of the Belgian Development Cooperation, principles for digital development and the Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA).

Share the information within your networks

The success and quality of the projects received on the www.wehubit.be portal will also depend on our ability to disseminate information. As this programme is new, please share the existence of the programme and its website in your networks.

Any further information is available via wehubit@enabel.be