Three Key Takeaways from USAID’s New Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit

Many of you have likely seen USAID’s new Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit - but you may have missed DAI’s smart and concise writeup of the launch.

Any early users of the toolkit out there yet? Report back!

What works? What could use refinement?


I’m starting to use it! Just finalizing my survey design now. Will be implementing in central Kenya mid-2018.

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Excellent - It will be great to hear back on how it works practically. Can you give us some detail on the nature of your project?

Definitely. We’re conducting a household survey of ~1k m&w smallholder farmers on coping and adaptation to drought, access and use of ICTs, drought risk perception, governance, and participation in farmer cooperatives/self-help groups. I’m using the ICT toolkit as a baseline survey of m vs. w access/use/barriers to mobile phones, among other ICTs. The results could be useful for a future pilot study on disseminating seasonal forecasts or agroclimatic services through mobile phones so I’m interested in connecting with others who are doing this work in Kenya, perhaps USAID programs.

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