SURVEY International Development Stakeholders Feedback Needed - ICT Accessibility and Digital Inclusion in Development Efforts


Global growth of information and communications technology (ICT) initiatives creates unprecedented pathways for cities and countries to improve quality of life and plan for future challenges. Incorporation of ICT accessibility and digital inclusion into development efforts represents a shared opportunity to extend these benefits to all citizens, including people with disabilities and older populations, but challenges remain.

We invite you to take our 10-minute online survey: tell us about opportunities or challenges your organization faces in incorporating ICT accessibility and digital inclusion into development projects financed by a multilateral development bank (MDB) or international development agency. The research will help identify the tools or resources might make it easier to elevate the issue/incorporate ICT accessibility more fully into your work.

Your participation in this study will help create tailored solutions and resources to address digital inclusion and accessibility challenges in a range of fields, lift up examples of successes, and create policy recommendations to be presented at the World Bank Annual Meeting.

About the research:
This research is an effort of the Institute of Urban and Regional Development’s (IURD) Inclusive Cities Lab at the University of California, Berkeley in partnership with the non profit World Enabled. IURD aims to advance knowledge and practice in ways that make cities and regions economically robust, socially inclusive, and environmentally resourceful, now and in the future. Research efforts are led by Dr. Victor Pineda, an international disability rights advocate and president of the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES).

For questions, please contact Natalia Garcia,

Thank you very much for your participation

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Interesting survey. @jcravens - are you aware of this effort?