SURVEY Education, Technology and Development Practitioners Feedback Needed – eLearning Africa

The eLearning Africa CEO & Founder, Rebecca Stromeyer, invites you to take part in an important survey of opinion and experience, which will help to inform discussion about education, training, and technology in Africa. She would be most grateful if you would take a short part of your time to complete the eLearning Africa Survey Questionnaire.

The Survey Questionnaire consults a sample of eLearning Africa’s network of experts and practitioners about their experience, expectations, attitudes, and opinions on a wide range of subjects relating to education, technology, and development in Africa. This network of experts and practitioners is unique, as it is both international and cross-sectoral. Participants in the survey come from many countries, both inside and outside of Africa. Those from outside Africa are typically people with a longstanding interest in, and involvement with, African education, technology or development projects. In general, survey participants are drawn from a range of disciplines, including education and technology professionals, development specialists, planners, advisers, political leaders, administrators, investors, entrepreneurs, academics and analysts.

The eLearning Africa Survey findings, which will be published in the eLearning Africa Report, reflect the wisdom, experience, and judgment of this key group of people who, in their various ways, play such an important role in helping, through education and technology, to transform Africa.

The results of the survey will be published at the end of October and the eLearning Africa team plans to share a link to both the findings and the eLearning Africa Report with everyone who completes the Survey Questionnaire.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.