Survey 4 Impact - Mobile Data Collection Tool

Survey 4 Impact is a mobile data collection tool designed to collect, report, and visualize data anytime, anywhere using tablets and mobile devices. It has been used to conduct different data collection projects, assessments, research, monitoring & evaluation, gap analysis, and collect baseline data. It has its online survey builder platform and mobile application. Data can be collected from the field even if the internet is unavailable. It provides real-time reports and dashboards, and data can be exported for further analysis.

Survey 4 Impact is created to support and strengthen health, education, and development sectors. It provides real-time data that can help the decision-making process at any level to achieve the desired impact. Users can use Survey 4 Impact to create surveys, collect data, and generate reports with minimal training. It can support governmental entities, donors, funders, partners working to strengthen health, education, and development sectors, among others.

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