SolDevelo Social Impact Foundation - Principles for Digital Development

I hope this is a good place to post this.

Hello everyone,

I am Maciej Neumann from SolDevelo Social Impact - the Foundation created by SolDevelo, a software company that has worked on many various Digital Development projects (like OpenMRS, OpenIMIS and many, many others). We just recently joined the Principles community and I wanted to share the picture of our blackboard on our hall, with all the Principles printed out.

We are also planning to do the Lunch and Learn meeting dedicated to educating our developers about the Principles in the next couple of weeks.

I just wanted to ask, how did you explain the role and importance of the Principles to your organizations? What worked the best and what training materials were most popular?


Wow! This is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing

To make the whole process of educating our developers a little bit easier, we’ve created a series of infographics, that can easily be printed as a poster (A3 size). We wanted something a little bit more eye-catching, that could bring their attention. Below you can see an example of how they look like:

If any of you would like to use them or share them through social media, here is a link to Google Drive with PDF’s for all 9 principles.


Hi Maciej -
Would you mind if we added your awesome infographics to our official website ( as downloadable resources for the community?

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I am very happy that you like them.

Yes, you can add them to downloadable resources. I hope that they will help someone know Principles better.

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Thank you! We are going to add them to our Advocacy Toolkit page ( as downloadable resources. We will credit SolDevelo and link back to your website!