Skilled Volunteering in the Pacific - Digitial Development

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Thanks for sharing, Mark!

Everyone else on the Forum, you may be interested in also checking out his new blog that talks about his journey with a new development project in the Pacific, and in discovering/applying the Digital Principles.

Check it out here!

i am interested because digital developement is need of a todays world, let me know if anything can i do


Waiting for reply..


Hi @shamsmehra90. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. My assignment to the Pacific got put on hold due to Covid19. Now I am working for a small startup in agri-business that has built a blockchain solution for small holding farmers in developing nations. Very interesting. I have another post coming out soon on that one and the privacy work I am doing for them. Privacy is one of the digital principles so it has a string fit for this forum. Keep well.