Short Volunteer Opportunity

Would you like to see your name in print? Receive free publicity for your project? DIAL is in the process of creating a Sustainability Toolkit (releasing in 2022) to help social enterprises, NGOs and small businesses think about their own sustainability, and the sustainability of their digital solutions. It consists of a business model diagnostic tool, a business model sustainability canvas, useful guidance, mini case-studies and tools for users of the model.

We are looking for case studies to include in the Toolkit to illustrate different aspects of the building blocks.

  • Sharing Resources with Partners - Do you know of an organisation which improved efficiency and reduce costs by drawing on its partners’ strengths and share resources for a wide range of back-end (or support) services, such as HR, finance, marketing, etc.?
  • Local Adoption - Do you know of an organisation which transferred the ownership of its digital product to a ​​local organisation that takes ownership of the digital product?

  • Mission Achievement - Do you know of an organisation who had a digital product with a well-defined goal related to solving a discrete problem which was achieved and then the organisation decided to permanently wind down the product?

If this is you or your know of an organisation with a story that matches any one of the three bullets above, please let me know asap. Thanks and I look forward to sharing your story with the wider world!

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