RFP: Principles for Digital Development -- Resources for Donor Organizations


The Digital Impact Alliance has released a Request for Proposals for the development of content supporting donor organizations’ utilization of the Digital Principles.

The full RFP can be found here: https://digitalimpactalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Donor-Work_FINAL-RFP_12.19.17.pdf

If you are interested in responding to this RFP, submissions close on January 15, 2018.

DIAL is accepting proposals for two options of work supporting the development of resources for donor
organizations. DIAL’s aim is to produce relevant and useful content donor organizations and individuals
who are managing digital development investments can use to improve the efficiency and the
effectiveness of their programs. Proposals, examples and other references should demonstrate
knowledge of and previous collaboration with the donor community and reflect their experiences and

The objective of this work is to produce content that is useful, practical and complementary for donor
organizations. Specifically, this work seeks to:

  • Address gaps in knowledge or practice of donors vis-à-vis achieving their goals in a digital world

  • Enhance the internal processes of donor organizations (e.g., procurement processes, internal
    trainings, evaluation practices) as relate to the use of digital technologies in programmatic work

  • Support coordination between donors and implementers/grantees through better understanding
    of the Digital Principles

The ultimate goal of the supporting materials for the Digital Principles is to improve donors’
programmatic and development outcomes through better understanding and effective use of technology
and digital methodologies.

Questions can be sent to RFP@digitalimpactalliance.org with a copy to Allana Nelson at anelson@digitalimpactalliance.org on or before January 10, 2018.

Course/certification on the Principles

Hello all,

In the spirit of ‘be collaborative’ are there others on the forum interested in this? Perhaps we could organise a call, with view to forming a consortium? We’d have to make sure that we have a practical, effective proposal, but if possible, I’d like to be inclusive and see whether we can find a way forward that accommodates those who want to contribute.

Let me know!