Questions about Advisory Council/Nominations


Please post your questions about the Advisory Council or the nomination process by replying to this thread.


In case am looking at nominating myself, should I just a attach them here…


Hello Kiyingi,
Please include the the relevant information on this thread:

Thank you!


Is there an easy way to distribute this call outside of the forum- e.g as email? Might help achieve the diversity goal. Ta Andy


Hi @Allana, I’m working on a nomination for a colleague and was hoping to have a few more days for some of our partners to review the nomination and potentially co-endorse. Is there a deadline for this opportunity? Thanks!


Hi Andy,

Yes! We have a press release published as well as a social media kit with materials shareable for Twitter, Instagram/Facebook, and Linkedin. If you share your email with me, I can send you those materials.

You can find the press release here in the meantime: