Please RSVP Now for Principle 7: Reuse & Improve

Hi everyone,

We have a special treat for all our West Coast friends tired of waking
early for East Coast principles events. Principle 7: Reuse & Improve will
be hosted by Mercy Corps and IDEO in San Francisco on March 24th.

Please RSVP here:

East Coast participants, you can call in for remote participation, we will
have a coordinator just for you to keep this event lively even if you’re
online. Also, be sure to forward the invite on to your friends and
colleagues out west. Let’s make sure our efforts get out beyond the Beltway.

Speaking of getting out, Principle 8: Privacy and Security will be coming
up in NYC with UN Global Pulse.


PS: You may also be interested in this Technology Salon San Francisco
happening later that week: How Can New Technologies Improve Disaster