Please RSVP Now for ICT4D Principle 8: Address Privacy & Security in Development Programs

In recent years, ICTs such as mobile phone apps, web-based mapping
technologies and data-mining techniques have been incorporated into
development programs, ranging from public health campaigns to assisting
farming communities, to re-uniting refugees. However, the opportunities
presented by these innovations simultaneously raise valid concerns about
privacy and data security.

In this context, Principle 8 of the Principles for Digital Development
proposes that programs using ICTs:

  • Assess and mitigate risks to the security of users and their data,
  • Consider the context and needs for privacy of personal data when
    designing solutions,
  • Ensure equity and fairness in co-creation,
  • And protect the best interests of the end-users.

Please RSVP now
to join UN Global Pulse and your learned peers for an in-person event to
discuss practical measures to incorporate privacy and security as outlined
in Principle 8 into the design of any technology-enabled development
program, guided by practical experience of privacy and security experts.

We will be seeking answers to questions like:

  • What does data privacy or security mean in the context of a
    technology-enabled development program?
  • How can we manage risk when designing big data for development
  • Who has successfully integrated data privacy and data security into
  • What does successful consideration of data privacy and data security
    look like?
  • What are the potential consequences if data security and privacy
    policies fail?
  • Where can we find resources and peers to help guide us?

We’ll start with several interactive discussion sessions on privacy and
security, then we’ll have engaging breakout groups that focus on real world
applications and challenges related to Principle 8. By the time we finish,
we’ll have a solid understanding how to incorporate privacy and security
into development programs.

Our event will be guided by these thought leaders, among others to be

· Ms Liudmyla Romanoff,
Privacy Officer at UN Global Pulse

· Mr Peter Micek,
Senior Policy Counsel, AccessNow

· Kathy Joe,
Director of International Standards & Government Affairs, ESOMAR
· Mr Thomas Braun,
Chief of Global Security & Architecture, UN Office of ICT

*Please note: This is an in-person only event and *all participants must
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Principle 8: Privacy and Security
Friday, May 8th, 2015
8:30 AM to 1:00 PM
United Nations HQ
New York, NY

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