Oxfam research on "digital development" launched today

This may be of interest to the group.

Oxfam published this research today that my colleague George Flatters and I
conducted last year:

Digital Development: What is the role of international NGOs?

We think some really interesting results have emerged and hope you do too.
If you have any questions about the content please don’t hesitate to contact
me or George Flatters, and if you have any questions for Oxfam, please
contact Amy O’Donnell (both are cc’d on this message).

We have blogs going live today as well to help spread the results and
perhaps spark some future discussion:

  •     A summary of the research

s-the-role-for-oxfam> on Oxfam Policy & Practice

  •     My personal take

in-digital-development-what-should-their-role-be> on the suggestions for
roles of NGOs to convene, collaborate and advocate

If you like the results and would like to help disseminate - we’d welcome
any sharing, tweeting or blogging you’d like to do. And if you disagree
with any of the results, we’d equally love to get a wider debate going in
the public sphere - its important stuff and all discussion helps to raise
the profile!



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Hi Matt,

Excellent and super-timely paper
al-what-is-the-role-of-ingos-ict-for-development-prog-620193> on digital
development, I wonder if you might consider sending around to the ICT4D
Principles group? Also copying in Carolyn Florey at DIAL.

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