New Video on Big Data and Smallholder Farming!


Hi all,

Big data is creating new opportunities in development, especially for farmers, who make up 70% of the world’s extreme poor.

How we harness big data and create products that respond to farmers’ needs matters.

Watch our new video on digital farmer profiles and learn how some organizations are using big data to design products responsibly, and how we can all work together to ensure proper use of data going forward. Click here to watch!



Hi @cperkins, this is super interesting. We are just expanding a project we have with coffee growers in conflict affected regions in Colombia. We have connected them using TV White Spaces and now we will be installing some sensors and IoT devices to do exaclty what the video says. We have funding from the SAFE platform, SAP and Lavazza (Coffee company), who is the driver of the value chain. The buy the coffee that these 100 farmers produce. We are always looking for more technical and financial cooperation.

Can we talk in the next weeks to explore collaboration?



Interesting, thanks for sharing! Great to see how digital platforms can help revolutionize the lives of the most vulnerable farmers. Digital farmer profiles is the future and it would be great if governments, private companies and service providers can work together to provide this solution to farmers all over the world


Hi @CEscobar!

Thanks for viewing the video and connecting! I’m glad it resonates with you. Your project sounds super interesting. I’ll connect you with some of my colleagues and we can set up a time to chat.



Agreed! Thanks for viewing!