New paper on how digital health can support achievement of SDG 3 targets

Dear colleagues,

Management Sciences for Health staff recently published a paper in SAGE’s Digital Health that may be of interest.

“Digital Health Technologies to Support Access to Medicines and Pharmaceutical Services in the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals”

The paper summarizes intersectional approaches to institutionalize more than 35 tailor-made digital health technologies that promote access to medicines and commodities.

It includes five selected case studies and process to address bottlenecks:

  • a dashboard module to help reduce contraceptives stock-outs in Bangladesh;
  • an electronic dispensing tool for antiretroviral therapy in Namibia;
  • a digital medicines registration system in Mozambique;
  • a data warehousing technology in Uganda; and
  • a medicines management logistics system in Mali.

Given that digital health technologies are a means to an end, the paper then describes how this work will set the stage for advocacy, policy and future research to track progress towards SDG 3 targets as part of the UN’s Voluntary National Reviews.

The work reflects multi-year initiatives funded by USAID pharmaceutical systems strengthening programs.

Maggie Aliber