New due diligence tool for digital tech

We’ve developed a due diligence tool and complementary questionnaire to help practitioners determine whether a digital technology might be appropriate to supporting their resilience efforts based on how well-suited the technology provider is to achieving the scale needed. While the focus of this tool is around resilience, it is in an editable Excel spreadsheet, which can be modified for any sector.

You can download the tool and questionnaire here: At the moment this is a working draft version and we’d really love your feedback on how this would be more useful, both in terms of content and format. Please email me at with any feedback you might have. Thanks.


Thanks for posting this, @Josh_Woodard. I’ve got a few questions:

  1. Beyond general thoughts, do you have specific pieces of the dashboard you’d like folks here to think about?
  2. Have you written on the process to assemble it? I ask because it’s clear you are considering a bunch of factors here - it’d be interesting.
  3. Do you have a set timetable for review & revision?

Good questions, @Dustin. We’d like input on all aspects of the tool, in terms of content, functionality, usability, and relevance. We have included brief instructions on how to make use of it, which is on a Read Me tab in the spreadsheet. Feedback on that would also be useful. If people feel more details would be useful to help them really make the most of this tool, then we’d love to know that as well.

In terms of timeline, we’ll be continuing to iterate on it over the next six months, so feedback at any point during that time is welcome. Related to the above on functionality and usability, if people have thoughts on whether they like it as an XLS or would prefer it as another format, such as a web-based tool, we’d welcome that as well. Thanks.