Medic Mobile Hiring Community Manager!



Medic Mobile invests our time and talent in open-source and open-access public goods, helping build software tools, documentation, workflow designs, and other resources for community health systems. In the next phase of our work, we will serve as core contributors to a shared toolkit and stewards of this open-source project.

We’re taking this approach because we believe health is a human right, and we want the best ideas and tools for community health to be free and open to those who want to use, integrate, and build upon them. We are looking to immediately hire a Community Manager to help launch this initiative and support the community. This is a unique opportunity to help design and provide support to a growing community of practice!

Ideal locations for this position include Nairobi and the East and West coast of the US.

Learn more and apply today:

Please forward to anyone who may be interested! Reach out with any questions.


Alix Emden

About Medic Mobile - Medic Mobile (MM) designs, delivers and supports software for health workers providing care in the hardest-to-reach communities. We envision a world where community health workers (CHWs) are supported as they provide care for their neighbors. MM and our partners have proven that high-quality care can be provided through integrated, community-based health systems. Our software is free, open-source, and deployed at scale in the last mile of healthcare. Evidence-based workflows come together in the software to support health workers and families, helping to ensure safe deliveries, track outbreaks, treat illnesses at the doorstep, communicate about emergencies, and more.