LWR endorsing the Digital Principles

Lutheran World Relief is excited to request to be officially recognized as endorsers of the Principals for Digital Development. LWR has been gaining valuable experience using technology to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of our programming. We are now embarking on an organization-wide initiative to more effectively coordinate, standardize and ensure the privacy and sustainability of our efforts. As an endorser of the Principles for Digital Development, we will seek to embody the concepts of the Digital Principles, represented in our work culture and in the policies and processes guiding our international development activities. We will also be actively engaging in the Digital Principals Forum. Principles for Digital Development.pdf (48.5 KB)

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@javierwilson - Welcome! We are happy to have LWR as an endorser. Please be in touch with myself or @Allana with any needs, questions, or considerations as your privacy and sustainability efforts proceed.