Looking for a reccommendation on Masters courses for ICT4D

Hi everyone, I’m considering doing a Masters level course on International / Sustainable Development with a focus on ICT4D. I’m finding it hard to identify such a specific course. I’d also need to do it via distance learning as I’m in Australia.
Any reccommendations or thoughts would be appreciated?

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Check the link http://groupspaces.com/ipid/pages/ict4d-courses

Hi Cosmas.mnyanyi, Many thanks for the link. I’m still on the hunt for the right course for me but I’m close :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’ll post what I have come up with to the discussion.

For anyone else tackling this question this is what I came up with that is applicable to me and my situation. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means and I have the requiremtn of distance learning (especially in these days of virus lock downs).
Hope it helps.

Sussex Uni Masters of Sustainable Development online AUD$24k Part time for 2-4 years Online Very good modules. Online is only offered part time over 2 years.Uni is #1 ranked in QS scores for Development Studies.

UQ Micro Masters Leadership in Global Development AUD$2k Self paced Online Can then get credit for full masters on site at UQ

Masters in ICT for Social Good Torino Uni $3k Italy /Online Not a full Masters for online course

Master in International development UN coursed based in Madrid. 10 months EURO 33k 10m Madrid Looks great for a UN job as it was created by ex UN staffers. Terrific course content for tech focus.

Masters of international development SOAS AUD$25k 2 Online

Masters in Sustainable Development SOAS AUD$20k 2 Online Very good reputation as well as Sussex

Masters in Sustainable Development Sunway Uni Malaysia AUD$15k 1.5years Malaysia Only offered on campus - no good for me.

UQ Masters in Development Practice AUD$35k 1.5 End of July UQ May have to do a pre qualification even with a Micro Masters. Get credit from Micro Masters

Massey Uni Masters in Sustainable Development Goals (Global Development)
Massey Uni Master of International Development