Launch of DIAL Report: Lessons from Sizing Mobile Channel Demand in Sub-Saharan Africa

This week, DIAL is launching our report Pooling Aid Sector Demand for Digital Public Goods:
Lessons from Sizing Mobile Channel Demand in Sub-Saharan Africa
. The original remit of the research was to investigate whether there was an opportunity to aggregate demand for
basic core mobile channels (i.e., SMS, voice, USSD, mobile money) as a means of securing better pricing or improved service, given the successes with similar activities by others (e.g., NetHope/USAID on broadband internet aggregation).

DIAL assessed the value of current spend on mobile communication channels by NGOs and
multilateral organizations in five sub-Saharan African countries (DRC, Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda) in order to build a forecasting model across all of sub-Saharan Africa for the next five years. The objective of this research project, which was conducted with Altai Consulting, was to “quantify and qualify” the opportunity, i.e., 1) size the current market and its likely evolution and 2) assess what changes are required to enable a wider adoption of mobile channels by aid and development actors.

We are creating this space to collect feedback and allow for others to join the conversation. If you are interested in the concept of using innovative financing mechanisms or leveraging demand aggregation for scaling the use of technology in international development, then we would love to hear from you below! Sharing a link to the report here.