LAST CHANCE for public comment (TODAY) -- NEW Principles for Digital Development Content

The new Principles for Digital Development content will be closing TODAY
(11:59pm EST)
– don’t miss the opportunity to provide feedback and
commentary to the new guidance and tools!

Access to the documents can be found here:
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More information below.

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Thank you again for agreeing to provide feedback on the new Principles for
Digital Development content, and for being a part of this important
initiative. Please feel free to review as few or as many of these documents
as you would like. Any insights you have will be valuable to us. We ask
that you review these documents while considering the following:

  • Content matter – is the information useful, actionable, relevant?
  • Tone and language – are the documents easy to understand, and
    will a non-native English speaker have any difficulty with what is being
  • Flow of documents – does the structure of each document make sense?
  • Level of detail – is the content too complex, or too simple?
  • Accuracy of information – is anything clearly wrong? What is
    missing? What can be added?
  • Representation of your experiences – does the content accurately
    reflect your experiences, and are these documents that you and your
    colleagues would find useful when planning your next program?
  • Resources – are we missing key reports, toolkits, blog posts that
    would be useful to include? What are they?
  • Recommendations for future topics/ areas to address

When reviewing, please focus on the content itself and not the formatting,
as this content will ultimately be formatted for the Digital Principles
website. The content is much more critical for us to receive your input on! Please
be sure to use the “Suggesting” mode so that we can track your changes;
comments are also helpful!
Included in this Google folder are the
following documents:

  • Principles content (9 documents) – updated guidance for each
    Principle, modeled around the Project Lifecycle. We received specific
    feedback from the community on the desire for guidance to be structured in
    this manner, so we represented both the project and software development
    lifecycles, simplifying them to four stages: Analyze and Plan; Design and
    Develop; Deploy and Implement; Monitor and Evaluate. We have also done away
    with the numbering of the Principles, as it confused many people into
    thinking that they were required to complete the Principles in a particular
    order, or that they were ranked in order of importance.
  • How-to guides (5 documents) – these how-to guides will serve as
    additional resources for implementers to dive deeper into subjects
    requested by the community.
  • Case study template (1 document) – We received feedback from
    endorsers that it was sometimes a struggle to find the time to write their
    case studies; in response, we have crafted a template to make the process
    easier and hopefully streamline how case studies about the Principles are

Final versions of these documents will be published - and the re-vamped website will go live - during a Principles for
Digital Development event we will be hosting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on
October 12. More to come on that very soon!

Thank you again for taking the time to assist us!