Introductions thread: What makes you tick?

Hey Mark, welcome to the community! How is your volunteer role going in the Solomon Islands?? Would love to connect with you and hear about it, maybe write a blog on your experience working as an ICT mentor, as it relates to the Principles??

Welcome to the community, and really appreciate your insights! Would love to hear more of your thoughts about how you believe new digital platforms CAN serve the SDGs.

Wow! You’ve got some great experience years in International Digital Development. I’m just starting out in that field but have about 30 years in Info Tech and spent the last 24 years in a Financial institution (asset manager). I’m doign quite a bit of reading on the topic right now as I prepare for a gig in the Solomon Islands in March 2020 to help them with digital transformation relating to thier chamber of commerce.
I’d greatly appreciate to connect with you for guidance and advice as I progress with this journey.
Mark T

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Thanks Claudine, I don’t strat the asignment until March 2020 but I am doing a lot of reading on the topic right now in preparation. I’ve found the document on Implementing the Principles of Digital Development very informative and have been looking at the relavence to the SI situation as I know it at this stage. I’ve also found the SDG Digital Investment Framework 2018 doucment to be very useful aswell with great examples and a systematic approach. Nothing beats experience so I can;t wait until I can start :slight_smile:
A blog is a great idea and will look into that as I hope this forum will enable the cross sharing of experiences, oppertunities, knowledge, etc. Can you suggest an appropriate blog platform ?

100% agree, nothing like getting in the weeds!
I know you’re probably quite busy with work and preparing for this assignment, but could be interesting to do a mini blog series (500 words or less each) on your experience - so how the Principles/guiding documents are helping you prepare, let the community know about what your assignment will be exactly. Then would love to have some follow-up blogs on your experience actually implementing projects with the Principles in mind, and sharing successes, challenges, and what resources you wish the Principles had covered!

I would love to host this series on the Principles blog and we’d share it out on Twitter and here on the Forum, of course.

If that’s something interesting to you, let’s chat more - you can email me at

Greetings Mark,

I am trying to reply using simple “reply functionality”. I hope it work.

With pleasure, as soon as you start in our project, please let me know how I could be helpful any manner that clicks to your needs,

Best Regards

Rasim S. Abderrahim

Thank you very much Claud for your welcoming remarks. I am honored by being part of the community.

In response, digital platforms should able to serve all SDGs, not only a few of the SDGs. Today, the world is struggling to find opportunities to end poverty, enable entrepreneurs, and empower women in business. Digital platforms that can open opportunities to reach these goals are the ones that are truly serving the SDGs.

I am glad you started this conversation, but let us for the time being put this little idea in scope: Most of those on the human side who are targeted for help by the 17 SDGs until 2030 belong to the entrepreneurship and SMEs ecosystem. Their needs are in finding opportunities to add value to the global economy and to generate income. Therefore, an enabling digital platform is one that is built on the principles of enabling value-added business services in order for users, who are the digital natives and professionals, from different parts of the world to interact, create linkages, cross borders with their digital solutions and services, and truly be able to provide services and generate the needed income from concluded transactions.

Therefore, one of the measures that needs to exist today to assess the values that digital platform add to the SDGs is “enabling cross border value-added services” so that young innovators and digital entrepreneurs and SMEs have ample opportunities to engage and to be (digitally) anywhere in the world such opportunities are needed and used.

Best Regards

Rasim S. Abderrahim

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I’d be happy to Claudine. First of all I will check with the aid organisation on any guidleines for communication. As it’s a goivernemetn funded aid organisation I may have to get clearnace first. Will do that now.

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Thank you Rahim. Much appreciated.

Wonderful! Let me know if they would like any more information on Principles communications or the community. Looking forward, I think it would be a very interesting and useful mini series to follow!

Hi all :wave:

I am a volunteer from FAIR Denmark. I work with Open Source software projects, maintaining a platform for refurbishment of computers and developing and supporting integrated offline solutions for ICT centres in Malawi.

I like sharing experiences and programming code. I work for Learning Equality, building the offline education platform Kolibri and maintaining the former platform KA Lite.

I love community building, and I love the idea of this thread and to read everyone’s inputs. Thanks for sharing!

  1. Where in the world are you? Denmark
  2. What stage of your career are you at? I consider myself mostly an activist with a really lousy retirement plan
  3. What are you current challenges? Communication overload
  4. What gets you fired up about technology and development? Seeing real improvements in real peoples’ lives and discussing technology (not exactly an innovation fan)
  5. Cats or dogs? Easy: Cats

Hi there and welcome to the Digital Principles forum! Would love to connect with you directly and learn about your work with computer refurbishment. I recently met with an organization in Guatemala that does similar work and provides the computers to students in rural areas of the country, so interested to hear how the work may be similar or different!

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Hi there, I am in Nairobi, Kenya, at quite a late stage in my career. Currently interested in understanding help my clients improve their outcomes and impacts through using digital. I am fired up about the application of technology in particular in how it can stimulate behaviour change. Cats.

Hi Melissa, and welcome to the community! Sounds like you are interested in maybe not just data collection, but how to read/understand data to improve impact and influence behavior change? If so, would definitely recommend checking out some of the resources on the Be Data Driven Principle - however, also happy to help identify other resources if you’re looking for a deeper dive!

Hi Claudine, I have not yet received clearance to discuss
the details of my assignment yet but will soon I hope. If you like I could
start to write about my journey from Corporate IT in financial services to perusing
in ICT4D, where I am at now, planning for a volunteer assignment (without
giving the details yet), how I am preparing myself (including familiarising
myself with the Digital Principles) for the assignment. Then when I have
approval I can give more details and continue with the blog once I am there and
in the weeds.

Would you like me to do that?

Merry Christmas

Mark T

I am a director of a software development and training company, based in London, contracted to the UN, other NGOs and private sector organisations, interested primarily in social impact technology-oriented projects in developing countries.

My company is currently building a computerised schools admin system for secondary schools in Africa. It will provide the essentials of admin eg. class enrolment, daily registration, assignments and grades, end of term reports to parents etc. Contact with parents will be via email or SMS. We also hope to add the ability to deliver basic numeracy and literacy content via SMS for children who are too far away from school to attend regularly.

Both cats and dogs! Dogs for walking, cats for admiring.

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Happy New Year, Mark!

Yes, that would be great and would love to hear about your journey in discovering and incorporating the Principles. Feel free to email me any drafts or for feedback and we can discuss more:

Hi Nick, welcome to the Digital Principles community! Sounds like an interesting project you’re working on - do you have any website or resources we can check out to learn more?

Hi Claudine

Thanks for your message. We’re updating our website quite comprehensively but our PDF brochure now attached describes a few of our projects.

Can you see email attachments OK?

Transmedia_electronic_brochure.pdf (879 KB)

Where in the world are you? Lagos, Nigeria

  • What stage of your career are you at? Middle-Late - Academia: Professor of Information Systems
  • What are you current challenges? Digital transformation and effective use & adoption of technology
  • What gets you fired up about technology and development? Impact on business and society
  • Cats or dogs? None!