In-progress "Primer on Open Source and the Creative Commons" for your thoughts

Hello friends and colleagues,

At the technology for development consultancy I co-run, partners and
stakeholders regularly ask how and why to work in the Creative Commons and
in open source. In our work, we are big supporters of Digital Principle 6,
“Use Open Source (etc.)” and so when we weren’t able to find resources
about this online, we made our own.

I’m sharing this to see if other people are working on similar efforts
around Principle 6. The intention for the document attached is to show how
and why a stakeholder would create something in the Creative Commons or
open source. We are hoping to have more opportunity to share case studies
about this in the year to come.

This document is very much in-progress and so if anyone has time or
inclination to send me your thoughts, that would be brilliant.

  • Elie Calhoun


Primer on Open Source and the Creative Commons for Aid and Development - Code Innovation.pdf (2.32 MB)