[ICTD] Developers+ - Fight poverty with your skills abroad for 2 weeks (IDDS-Lahore 2016)

One of MIT’s D-Lab https://d-lab.mit.edu/ main events, the International
Development Design Summit http://www.idds-lahore.com/blog/, is taking
place again in Lahore, Pakistan. Deadline to apply
https://www.idin.org/idds/participate/apply-now is July 1st.

IDDS-Lahore 2016 will bring entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, activists,
artisans, coders, welders, community workers, farmers and more together for
for 2 weeks (January 8 - 22) to create information & communication
technology http://www.ictworks.org/ (ICT) solutions to the pressing
issues in Pakistan today.

Like all IDDS events, practitioners will join forces to create solutions to
the world’s most important problems: access to water, health, energy and
safety, but IDDS-Lahore will focus on solving these problems with ICT-based

An amazing opportunity, IDDS brings together a vastly diverse international
group to collaborate and live and build innovative technologies. Read more
about the project process here
https://www.idin.org/about-idin/our-approach. A simple concept with
profound effects! Watch founder Amy Smith present some of these innovations
http://www.ted.com/talks/amy_smith_shares_simple_lifesaving_design or
check out IDDS on YouTube

If interested in a fulfilling co-creative experience, apply
https://www.idin.org/idds/participate/apply-now today, before the July
1st deadline.


IDDS-Lahore 2016 Announcement.rtf (3.56 KB)