[ICT4D Principles] E-survey on ICT4D in Developing countries for the European Parliament

Hi, I tried to answer this survey but on SECTION C - ICTs FOR HEALTH – I could not submit my answers because it requires every line to be completed but I can only select one answer per column for the section –there are 6 answers, but more than 6 questions.

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Hi everybody,
My name is Gianluigi Magnetta and i work as a researcher for CSIL Milano, under the division ‘Development and evaluation studies’.
My research institute is carrying out a study on behalf of the European Parliament aimed at examining the availability and the impact of ICTs on low and middle income countries.
As part of our study we are carrying out an e-survey to policy makers and experts in the fields addressed by the study to gather their opinions on the most promising policy areas and the key challenges and barriers of the initiatives in this field.
We would appreciate if those of you with experience in ICT4D would take part in the survey or if you can circulate this invitation to those who are familiar with such themes and can be interested in providing their opinions.
The public link to access the survey is: https://www.research.net/s/ICT4D_CSIL .https://www.research.net/s/ICT4D_CSIL
Please feel free to write me back if you need further details.
Thank you very much in advance for your valuable cooperation.

Kind regards,
Gianluigi Magnetta
Researcher Evaluation Studies - CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies, Milan

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