ICT for Extractive Industries



Am here to pay you attention on issues regarding to the use of ICT in increasing transparency in war-torn regions extractive industries.

I am President of CongoInThePicture an organization from the democratic republic of Congo.

As some of you may know, since 1997, the country has been devastated by repeating wars, which has led to a proliferation of armed groups in the east of our country. As this country is full of huge mining potential everywhere, militias and groups use the mining to finance wars.

Before exporting the minerals, the international community demands that the DRC ensure that exported minerals do not come from armed groups that steal, rape and commit acts contrary to humanitarian principles.
Since 2017, we have been thinking about how to contribute to mining geotraceability and mining certification mechanisms.

That’s why we’re designing a platform that uses ICT named XiData.io 2 in the goal of promoting extrative industries while keeping it safe as possible.

One of the key elements of this platform is XI Certificate which is a system of certification of minerals by labeling identifying the mining package by a bar code.

Since working alone, our technical resources may be limited, we solicit your ideas to allow more depth on other ways of doing things.

Thank you for your technic contributions