Humanities projects and the principles for digital development

Dear all,

I am Antonio Rojas Castro and this is my first message - nice to meet you online!

I am developing a cooperation project about the digitization of archival sources in Cuba together with German institutions.

I would like to ask if anyone knows projects and bibliographic references (mostly articles) that–in addition to endorsing the principles for digital development–they describe how they were put into practice or how they shaped their choices. I am particularly interested in library and archival sciences or Humanities-History projects at large.

Is there perhaps a Zotero Group with collaborative collected bibliographic references?

I thank you in advance for point out to any project, resource or reference. Take care!

All the best,

Hi Antonio, nice to meet you as well! Have you checked out the case studies on the digital principles website? There are some examples of how Principles can be put into practice in projects and programs. Additionally, if you are interested, we are also working on launching both a webinar and podcast series to highlight exceptional examples as well as challenges.

Let me know what you think and if I can direct you to any other materials.

Thank you!

No I have not yet. I will have a look at those cases. I was thinking more of digitization projects or Humanities projects, but I guess disciplines are not so important.