Digital tools for 'low-resource environment' COIL and VE

Hi all,

I work at AP University College of Applied Sciences and Arts and I am currently looking into specific challenges of COIL (collaborative online learning) and VE (virtual exchange) in ‘low resources’/‘low-bandwidth’ environments, such as in Global South partnerships. I was guided here by the people at OppiaMobile.

I have identified two main challenges in my project so far, which I feel align with some of the principles of this community:

  • low resource/low-bandwidth environments: how to establish strong online collaboration when the heavier, higher-bandwidth technology does not exist or can hardly be run on the other end? This in connection with the following:
  • tech giants: the general CMS and LMS and assorted apps that are used for COIL and VE at the moment, largely due to their plug-and-play ease during the pandemic pressures, show possible ideological issues for the framework within which we set up projects. For example the SDGs. In a more abstract sense, the general emancipatory workings of educational institutions, aiming at the development of the complete Bloom taxonomy for instance, do not always align with the mechanics of tech giants’ choices.

So, I wanted to inform whether you had any thoughts on which digital tools, apps could be used in ‘low-resource environments’ for the following core COIL activities:

• Planning, scheduling and monitoring
• Communicating: F2F meeting & chatting (mostly synchronous)
• Collaborating ‘on paper’ (synchronous and asynchronous)
• Storing and sharing products

Thanks so much if anyone would be willing to share experience or thoughts!

All the best!

Maybe someone else is interested in seeing how these challenges can be answered!