Digital Principles Request for Proposals: Landscape and Needs Assessment


Hi everyone - the Digital Principles team at DIAL has just opened a request for proposals!

We are seeking to produce a needs gathering and research report to understand the greatest needs/gaps around the use of the Digital Principles that will inform the future development of a Digital Principles training series for stakeholders.

This report will study trends within the digital development community’s current understanding and needs around the Digital Principles and will provide recommendations for how DIAL can improve Digital Principles training, consultation, etc. and recommendations for the best method of delivery.

You can find the full RFP on the DIAL website

All proposals should be submitted to with myself, Claudine Lim,
( in copy. Respondents should expect a confirmation of receipt
within 48 hours, if one is not received please follow up with me at

Any questions regarding the process or the RFP can be sent to the same email addresses above.

Please forward to any contacts you find relevant or submit your own!

Q&A Spreadsheet can be found:

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On page 5 of the RFP I read “Proposal Submission Requirements
Proposal submissions, which may be created in Word, PowerPoint or a combination of the two…”.
Do you seriously force the supplier to use a proprietary office suite?
I wonder what the prinicples are for…
Very astonished regards,


Dear Jele,

Thank you for your question! The RFP reads “Proposal Submission Requirements Proposal submissions, which may be created in Word, PowerPoint or a combination of the two…”.

While Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are proprietary, we realize most firms and organizations have access to and commonly use these applications.

That said, please feel free to submit a proposal in the word processing or presentation format most accessible to you/your organization. If there are suitable open-source word processing/presentation options that you are familiar with, go for it!

Assured regards,


Dear Claud,
Thank you for clarification. The sentence is not unambiguous. It would be much clearer to use terms that identify the kind of format you accept (like: produced with any presentation, word processing software), instead of software names. Especially if you do not insist on the software. Of what use is it then to name it?
In my opinion this is not trivial, as it helps building monopolies.
We should help building resilience and diversity instead.
Best regards (still astonished),


Hello all,

we previously developed this report for DIAL At the time, we’d also asked in the forum whether anybody wanted to collaborate (RFP: Principles for Digital Development -- Resources for Donor Organizations - in the spirit of ‘be collaborative’). However, back then there were no takers.

Is anybody interested in partnering on the RFP? Would love to collaborate!