Digital Principles: Next Steps at USAID

Hi all,

While DIAL is leading on the next steps for the Principles, USAID is
actively working to advance their use inside the agency. As part of effort
to make the Principles actionable, we are developing digital guidance and
in the spirit of Principle 9 (Be Collaborative), we invite the community to
review and comment on our current draft here:

If there are other approaches / tools you think would be useful for USAID
to develop or adopt to drive the principles forward, we also welcome

And in the discussions around the Principles, USAID took note of the
interest around Principle 6 (Be Open) and Principle 8 (Address Privacy &
Security) so we have launched several streams of work, the first is an RFP
for open data in development that can be found here:

And the second RFP concerns data privacy, and will be posted soon.



ยทยทยท -- Mark Cardwell | Senior Policy Advisor U.S. Global Development Lab l USAID