DFID's new (UK) Digital Strategy for 2018 to 2020: "Doing Development in a Digital World'

New strategy alert! This time from DFID. Sidenote: The Digital Principles are well represented - including their explicit encouragement of vendors to follow them in digital implementation with DFID funds.


Check it out, and holler with your thoughts! What did DFID do well? What could be improved in other high level funder strategies?

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Thanks for posting! It’s great that the Principles are high profile in this!

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Hi all,

As someone who designs and implements digital projects, I celebrate and welcome DFID’s new digital strategy. I highlight four reasons why we should keep an eye on its implementation. I hope it inspires others to rethink the way we do digital.

It would be great to hear your thoughts and know what this strategy means in practice for your teams and organisations.

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