[CROSS-POST] Get to know 9 Principles for Digital Development

Originally published at: https://digitalprinciples.org/cross-post-get-to-know-9-principles-for-digital-development/

This blog was originally posted on the Soldevelo website on August 9, 2019. By: Zuzanna Perkowska Principles for Digital Development is a project with 9 rules that are good to follow in business and private life. Principles for Digital Development is our partner during worldwide projects. We use their rules and want to share and…

These 9 Principles for Digital Development.

  1. Design with user
  2. Understand the existing ecosystem
  3. Design for scale
  4. Build For sustainability
  5. Be Data driven
  6. Use open standards, Open source, Open Data and Open innovation
  7. Reuse and Improve
  8. Address Privacy and security
  9. Be collaborative