Connecting Principles to Policies to Standards


Are the principles for Digital Development meant to be standalone or should they be used to drive your organization’s formal written policies that trace to standards? If so, where can I find illustrative examples.

This document predates the publication of the Principles by quite a few years – but here is an example from Canada that connects underlying principles to policies and to standards (in this case, M&E metrics) that give operational effect to the policies. Sorry that it isn’t an LMIC example… but I was accessing this document earlier today and so it immediately came to mind when I saw your question. For reference: CIHI is Canadian Institute for Health Information… sort of the equivalent of the country’s national DHIS2 instance. :slight_smile:


Hi James,

What we did at MAKAIA is that we developed an internal guideline in which we define how we interpret/apply each of the principles and which are mandatory or optional. Also, for each project, we explicitly say which of the principles it follows, see for example the following project. AT the bottom of the info page, we say with which principles is aligned.