Can anyone explain? what is digital ecosystem?

Can anyone explain? what is digital ecosystem?
i am beginner in this field. so please provide me detail honestly.

Hi Hazal

I think ‘digital ecosystem’ is about understanding what is already happening in the place where you are working. The principle is actually to understand the ‘ecosystem’ - social, economic and digital - not just the digital aspects of the ecosystem, but my answer below is focused on ‘digital ecosystem’.

Some questions to ask are:
What devices to people have? What networks do they use, and how reliable are they? How are people using their devices? Are the arrangments different for men and for women, or for different groups? What kinds of services are already being offered in that place? What do they cost? What can people afford / not afford? What is available using the local language? What kinds of online services exist and are accessible to you that you might be able to build on top of? What other projects are happening at the moment - so that you don’t duplicate efforts? What sort of technical support / repair services are available? What electrical power is available? What kind of training / learning is available to people? What are the laws that apply to data and networks in that place? What negative actors might be a risk for people on-line? I am sure other people can add more questions that explore other aspects of the ‘digital ecosystem’.

Our devices and our apps or webservices are useless they can connect with networks, with other people and with other services - so the digital ecosystem is all of those things in the wider digital world that will be necessary and will influence what happens when you do what you are trying to do.

Does that help?