Calling all EdTech enthusiasts!

Hi all, I’m passing this message along and hope you have the opportunity to engage and contribute to this effort!

EdTech is now reaching all corners of the world. As entrepreneurs, non-profits, governments, and funders we are often pursuing similar goals without a clear way to partner or learn from others on similar journeys. Many of us in the sector are part of informal and formal communities and networks, but some are relatively isolated. We are changing this.

As a team, we are Caspar Groeneveld, Tom Kaye, EdTech East Africa, EdTech Hub, CEI, and Injini and we are eager to build a global EdTech community that will reduce fragmentation and increase visibility. As professionals in the field, we often struggle to find relevant initiatives, not to mention specifics about particular EdTech interventions. To tackle this challenge, we have put our heads together to create a database that will capture EdTech companies, organisations and initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa. Our database builds on existing networks so that we avoid duplication and efficiently create a single go-to source of information on EdTech interventions .

We need your input! Add your name to the ever-growing database by filling in your details now—and avoid missing have your voice heard. It only takes 15 minutes: more than 120 have already had their say.

The database will be the go-to place for investors to find initiatives ready to scale: start-ups with a learning management system to find partners who have the content they need, or donors to find an effective solution on the ground, in the country they’re working. The database will help to make the broad range of interventions emerging in sub-Saharan Africa visible to a wide range of users both within the region and around the world.

It goes without saying that the database, and all information in it, is available publicly, with the exception of personal contact details.

We understand that filling in surveys take up your precious time and we have been working hard to ensure that this is worth it. Our top priority is the sustainability of the database and that it can be reached by as large an audience as possible. We are a dedicated team of individuals and organisations including the EdTech Hub and EdTech East Africa. These organisations play important roles in fostering a sustainable, collaborative and impactful EdTech community both globally and in the region. Our wide and diverse team and long-term mandate means we can ensure that this database remains up-to-date, full of useful information, and easily accessible to all interested parties.

Besides you, there may be organisations, initiatives, or companies you’re thinking of and who we should be talking to. Don’t let them miss out! Forward this email to anyone or any organisation that you might deem relevant.

Should you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them.

What a good idea Thanks a lot.
I am not sure if the headline of the sheet means sth.
Is it really about Sub-Saharan Africa only?
The text says “around the world”.