Call for Artificial Intelligence Consultants or Researchers - GIZ

GIZ is involved in a bi- and multilateral coordination group called SPIAC-B (Social Protection Inter-Agency Cooperation Board) led by World Bank and ILO. At the beginning of 2019 the SPIAC-B WG for “Digital Social Protection” was created, which is facilitated by GIZ. Other partners are WB, ILO, Unicef, FAO, DFID, UN ESCAP etc.

As part of the activities of the Working Group, GIZ is also looking at the opportunities and challenges of disruptive technologies for social protection, among them, AI. Kindly review the attached study design for more detailed information on this.

If you have (or know anyone) with a specialty in AI and is interested in working with GIZ, kindly get in touch with us. We are particularly interested in consultants/ researchers with experience in AI.

20190514_ToR_AI-for-SP.pdf (511.0 KB)