[Brag]: Sonjara succesfully offered free training in Ghana for our Open Source Open Data platform

Hi all,

In the spirit of sharing what we are doing to live the principles, I
wanted to brag a bit about how Sonjara just successfully completed a *two
day bootcamp for developers (front end and back end) on our open source
framework, Fakoli, in Accra, Ghana. *

Fakoli, a PHP/MYSQL framework, is designed for data rich applications that
need to use and generate Open Data. It is open source (www.fakoli.org) and
comes loaded with tools such as a CMS, Open data dictionary generator,
customizable data model, video/image galleries, blogs, forums, SOLR
searching, export to phonegap for Mobile apps, and tons more. It can be
downloaded at http://sourceforge.net/projects/fakoli/files/ (yeah, we are
old school. Feel free to port to GitHub).

Sonjara senior staff, Margie Joyce (specialist in user interface design and
online learning) and Andy Green (lead software architect for Fakoli) with
local partners Hatua Solutions and iSpace Foundation (an incubator space
for Ghanaian entrepreneurs) spent two days in Accra training approximately
11 developers on how to use Fakoli to build data rich applications, as well
as go over some core principles in user centered design and agile
development processes. Sonjara, Hatua and iSpace were the sole
funders/contributors to this effort, which we consider a pilot/ kick off in
what will hopefully be a tradition of trainings.

Some immediate impacts.

  • Hatua is currently using Fakoli to build an election public
    information site for a local radio station.
  • New community members are now focusing on a simplified build to
    install on Mac OS and Windows (it is currently optimized for Linux).
  • Our partners are planning on holding additional trainings in Accra in
    July and August to further build the community.
  • We are discussing holding a hackathon on using Fakoli to build apps
    using the data published on http://data.gov.gh in the fall (a
    private/public partnership) - watch this space for more info. Please feel
    free to contact me with questions.

If you are curious, Fakoli is the name of Sunjata Keita’s general. Our
company name, Sonjara, is a bad transliteration of Sunjata - the first high
king of Mali. This is what you get when you have an IT firm founded by an
Anthropologist who used to live in West Africa.

Come on people, get your brag on! What are you and your firm doing to live
the principles?

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