Blog post: Without appropriate ethical frameworks, humanitarian tech may do more harm than good

This blog post is worth reading (with one small note: The Digital Principles aren’t “DIAL-owned” - they are stewarded by DIAL - but they are a community good, and the community owns them).

Nice work overall by Sean Martin McDonald, Kristin Sandvik & Katja Lindskov Jacobsen.

“Principles aren’t enough — we’re now getting to the hard part: building systems that actualize and operationalize our values. We don’t need to decide the boundaries of innovation or humanitarianism as industries to begin developing standards of practice. We don’t need to ratify an international convention on technology use to begin improving procurement requirements, developing common indicators of success for technology use, or establishing research centers capable of testing for applicability of new approaches to difficult and unstable environments. A wide range of industries are beginning to invest in legal, organizational, and technological approaches to building trust — all of which offer additional, practical steps forward.”

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