Apply Now: 1,750,000€ African Climate Smart Agriculture Grant Funding


Wehubit has launched a Call for Proposals to increase use and access to digital solutions that support adoption and scale of proven practical climate-smart agriculture methodologies and technologies to reach to the minds and hands of farmers.

Applicants can propose innovative digital solutions, including:

  • The use of sensors and smart devices
  • Inclusive knowledge management systems
  • Remote sensing and geographic information systems
  • Mobile applications and systems
  • Communication technologies
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

Applicants can request grant funding between 50,000 Euros and 350,000 Euros for each project and and the programme will finance 90% of eligible expenditures, with the applicant supporting the remaining 10%.

Apply Now: Deadline is February 21st 2019
Learn more about the grant and eligibility