All about important Join Army Registration process


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


This is obviously off topic. I am missing a flag like “Ask admins to check content”. This could help keeping the forum clean and meaningful. I’ve seen other off topics before. Spam may become a serious problem if not opposed.


Hi @Jele. I noticed this too and flagged it.

Next to the :arrow_left: Reply button under the suspicious post, do you see a button like ?

If so, you should be able to click that, and then a flag :black_flag: button should appear to mark it (or anything) you suspect is spam. The admins can then take action on it, or if enough of us flag it, the site will automatically hide the post until the admins review it.

Thanks for helping keep the forum clean :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha! Thanks. I was blind…


Not to worry! The designers did hide it a little bit.

Michael Downey