Advocacy for Principles in Education (LMICs)

Dear friends,

I’m interested in the Principles from an education perspective in LMICs (particularly including Africa, Caribbean, India). Some of the significant issues in education in low/middle income countries are to do with Designing for Scale, Sustainability, being data driven, open standards/data, as well as “open” (reusing, being collaborative). For example, despite decades of funding in education in SSA, there are currently only two open teacher education programmes, and only one large scale dataset.

I do feel that other sectors are better organised (e.g. disaster relief, see HDX) than the education sector in this regard, and I would like to get an advocacy group together than would think about drawing out and applying the Principles in the education sector.

Are others interested in the same area?

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Hi Bjoern,
it is indeed a weird contradiction that education - one of the pillars of modern society and progress - is lagging in its digital development. There is a lot of debate around the pros and cons of Edtech, yet very little substance on how Edtech can be applied to sustainably advance education in underserved areas. From my professional background (IBM), I am familiar with the professional skills development strategies (big data, AI) and solutions (microlearning, remote collaborative tools, MOOCs,…). From a personal perspective, I am in the process of starting an initiative,, aimed at bringing technology and the local social ecosystem together (in other words, not simply sending a 1000 tablets to a school district).
So, I am interested in this topic and I look forward to how we can make this concrete.
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Peter Stremus
twitter: @pstremus

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Hi Peter,

I have tweeted you!