Advisory Council Nominations


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Please see my nomination for Jaclyn CarlsenSelection Committee Letter_JCarlsen.pdf (390.9 KB)
Jaclyn Carlsen_Resume_20181108_DIAL.docx (58.1 KB)


Dear colleagues - please find my resume and letter of interest attached. If the UNICEF T4D network would be useful, I’d be excited to serve. Looking forward to being more involved in the future regardless! CaryLetter of Interest-DIAL Advisory Council-McCormick.pdf (197.2 KB)
McCormick_Resume_UNICEF_20181109.pdf (675.3 KB)


Please find in enclosure my nomination for the Advisory Council of the Digital Impact Alliance.

ABCV112018-EN.pdf (186.0 KB)

DIAL - Letter ab.pdf (70.8 KB)


Dear colleagues,

I’d like to put my name forward for consideration for the Advisory Council. I’m based in South Africa and work for Kwantu, a social enterprise that specialises in systems for administrative data and citizen generated data. I’m actively involved in a series of government and NGO programmes in these areas.

I also co-chair the task team on citizen generated data (CGD) for the Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data, which is helping to identify and profile scaleable CGD models that have potential to contribute to achieving the SDGs and supporting government decision making.

I’m interested in areas like interoperability, cost effectiveness, open data and increasing data usage in the context of government programmes and processes.

I’ve lived and worked in Africa, South America, North America and Europe and worked in government, NGOs and private sector.


Rob Worthington CV.pdf (41.6 KB)


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Hi Claudine





I am writing to nominate myself to the Advisory Council. Attached are my CV and letter of recommendation. Thank you. Marc Mitchell

Principles for Digital Development Advisory Council…pdf (75.1 KB)
Marc Mitchell CV.pdf (409.4 KB)


Thank you, Marc! We now have your application on file for consideration.


Attached are Ms. Martha Staid’s nomination documents, submitted on behalf of Jean-Louis Sarbib.

CV: MStaid_CV_Nov2018.pdf (417.6 KB)

Letter of Nomination: MStaid_AdvisoryCouncil.pdf (307.1 KB)


Please see attached for my nomination of Channé Suy Lan, submitted on behalf of Scott Teesdale.

  • Linkedin Profile: link
  • Nomination Letter: link


One more as well - See here for a nomination for Nicolas di Tada, submitted on behalf of Scott Teesdale

  • Linkedin Profile: link
  • Nomination Letter: link


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Hello DIAL! I’m writing to nominate myself for the Advisory Council. I’m interested in serving on the council so that I can share more of my experience to help others be more successful with their digital development efforts. While I have been working in digital health for the last 5+ years, I also bring experience in digital financial inclusion (mobile money) and ICT for agriculture. I came into this field after spending the first half of my career in Silicon Valley managing teams to deliver multi-million dollar ecommerce, data warehouse, and customer support systems. I would bring a diverse set of experiences to the Advisory Council from working in different sectors, in different areas of ICT4D, at multiple levels. I strongly support the Digital Principles as they nicely encapsulate lessons learned that are true of any digital solution effort and am passionate about developing the human capacity and enabling environment that leads to digital development success.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Liu, Alice CV 2018-11-09 ps.pdf (295.3 KB)


I am delighted to nominate my friend and colleague Hillary Eason for this position. I believe that upon reviewing her letter of endorsement and her CV, you will also agree that she will make a fantastic and valuable addition to the Advisory Council. Thank you!

HLPE_PDD endorsement letter.docx (13.1 KB)
HLPE_CV_PDD.pdf (323.5 KB)


Hi everyone,

I am interested in being considered for the DIAL Advisory Council.

I am currently based in Washington, D.C., where I serve as Abt Associate’s ICT for Development Specialist. In this capacity, I assist our research and technical assistance efforts with digital strategy and enabling technologies – across many projects, countries, and sectors of focus. Abt Associates is an endorser of the Principles (yay!), which has provided invaluable experience and perspective in their usefulness, their challenges, and in their practical applications to projects old and new.

In another capacity within the ‘tech for good’ space, I founded and moderate the, a free and open resource for anyone looking for digital tools to have a positive social impact on the world. This site is another avenue that I use to stay current about a diverse variety of tools, technologies, and approaches that could be leveraged to help improve the scope and depth of the Digital Principles of Development.

You can find a recent(ish) CV here, my website here, my LinkedIn page here, and my Twitter account here.

Thank you all for your consideration!

Gabriel Krieshok