Advisory Council Nominations



Members of the Advisory Council will serve for two years and will be nominated by their peers to serve in the role. Nominations will be submitted on this Forum publicly, and with justification. For those that wish to confidentially nominate their candidates due to protection or privacy concerns, please use this link: Nominations will require consent of the person being nominated, a resume/CV or LinkedIn profile, and letter of support stating the reasons why the nominator is putting their selected candidate forward for the position. More than one person may nominate the same individual. Individuals may also nominate themselves, providing their resume or CV and an explanation of their interest in joining the Advisory Council.

When nominating an individual for the Advisory Council, consideration should be paid to the following:

  • Commitment to promoting and adhering to the Principles for Digital Development;
  • Experience working with technology-enabled development programming;
  • Unique or specialized skills and expertise within digital development;
  • Credibility and reputation within the digital development community; and
  • Diversity of gender, sector representation, and geographic locations.

Read the Terms of Reference of the Advisory Council


CV - Raphael as an individual.pdf (111.7 KB)
DIAL Letter of Recommendation Raphael.pdf (85.0 KB)

Please, find attached Raphael Bonnaud’s letter of recommendation and CV. I am convinced he would make an excellent member of the Advisory Council.


Thank you for your submission! We will save Raphael’s information to our records.


Hereby nominating Vincent Kumwenda of mHub Malawi - with great pleasure and with his full knowledge and approval! Thanks for this open and promising initiative!

CV for Vincent Kumwenda.pdf (376.4 KB)
Advisory Council Nomination for Vincent Kumwenda.pdf (55.0 KB)


Colleagues please find my nomination - Digital Principles Advisory Council

Letter of Interest - Peter Njuguna.docx (19.1 KB)

Curriculum Vitae - Peter Maina Njuguna.pdf (273.1 KB)


Thanks for your submission, Peter! Your information has been saved to our records.


Thank you for your submission! Vincent’s information has been saved to our records.


Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to nominate @jacqedwards to serve on this council. As the Chief Operating Officer at Medic Mobile, she has participated in this community for some time and she works closely with partners from government and NGOs that have a stake in digital development. I worked with leaders from five of these organizations to write a nomination letter, which you can read here:

Jacqueline was excited about being nominated so she updated her resume and I’ll submit it via the google forms link (as a new user on the forum I don’t have permission to upload attachments). Thank you–to the community and the selection committee–for considering this nomination!



Thank you so much, Isaac! We have saved Jacqueline’s information to our records.


And we will be on the look out for her resume when it comes in!


Dear all,
Please think of also nominating women, in order not to produce another gender gap.


Who are the members interested in serving this noble cause so that we can nominate them( i am personally new on the platform)


Having read the ToR, we’d like to announce that we’d appreciate a table with the status quo of applications/recommendations. We think of anonymised entries, only showing the gender, sector (NGO, private etc.), and geographical region/continent. We think that this could encourage persons to make a decision to recommend/apply, as they can see what kind of persons are missing to portray the DP community with the advisory board. Also, this would be a step towards transparency that does not infringe privacy.
On behalf of the APO-COACH GbR team,


Thank you for recommendations/feedback. Currently, the nominations are publicly displayed on the online forum.
We support transparency, however, we are addressing privacy concerns and are offering nominations to be submitted through a confidential form. We are considering adding the backgrounds and sectors of the nominees once the nomination process has ended, so the community has opportunity to view who has been nominated.


Thank you for sharing the procedure.


Please find attached my nomination for Jele Oppermann and her current CV.

NominationOppermann.pdf (61.2 KB)
18_11_CV_Oppermann_Gabriele.pdf (63.5 KB)


Appreciate the submission, Mike! Jele’s information has been saved to our records.


Please find attached my nomination letter and resume/CV
Kaine Resume2.docx (28.0 KB)


Thank you for your submission! We saved your resume and letter.


Hi all,

I would like to be considered for the Advisory Council. In my current role as Global Lead for Digital Development at Plan International, I was in charge of the organisation’s recent endorsement of the Principles, and now manage the process for putting them into practice. As part of this effort, I’m also leading Plan’s work to contribute our expertise back to the Principles community, specifically looking at strengthening the gender transformative and inclusive dimensions of the framework. (You can contribute to the work here.

I have over a decade of experience in international development, primarily working in Cambodia, Malawi, and Finland. I believe digital can bring many benefits to the people we work with and am passionate about bridging digital divides. At the same time, I think it’s imperative that we use and introduce digital, and tech generally, in a responsible manner - something for which the Principles provide an excellent framework.

As a member of the Advisory Council I would use my position to put issues of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility to the fore, and work towards making practicing the Principles as easy as possible to frontline staff.

My LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.

Thanks for considering my application!