2021 ICT4D Partnerships Conference

The first virtual ICT4D Conference is happening January 2021 and aims to create a ‘market-place’ to help initiate new partnerships, share insights and good practice for strengthen local partners, and learn from each other, especially around data protection, ethical considerations, and new partnership models with early co-creation of innovations.

The Digital Principles team hosted a fireside chat titled, “Be Collaborative!: Principles and Partnerships” to explore:

  • Partnerships, both within the Digital Principles Advisory Council, digital development orgs, and local groups: what does good partnership look like, outside of contractual agreements and how is this being practiced vs. not? What structures are in place that makes this difficult?

  • DPAC members’ ideas/hopes for the Digital Principles in the coming years. How can we engage more private sector, academic, local, and government actors?). How will the next chapter of the Advisory Council and DIAL foster these types of partnerships or community engagement?

  • Partnerships at country-level, and working with the country in the drivers seat. How ready is the digital development ecosystem to embrace that approach?

This thread is meant to continue the conversation, share insights, and key takeaways, but we also encourage all ICT4D attendees to use this as a space to continue other session conversations around partnerships.