2020 Advisory Council Nominations


Members of the Advisory Council will serve for two years and will be nominated by their peers to serve in the role. Nominations will be submitted on this Forum publicly, and with justification. For those that wish to confidentially nominate their candidates due to protection or privacy concerns, please use this link: [https://forms.gle/n7eiZRWuhVqWjsxg6). Nominations will require consent of the person being nominated, a resume/CV or LinkedIn profile, and letter of support stating the reasons why the nominator is putting their selected candidate forward for the position. More than one person may nominate the same individual. Individuals may also nominate themselves, providing their resume or CV and an explanation of their interest in joining the Advisory Council.

When nominating an individual for the Advisory Council, consideration should be paid to the following:

  • Commitment to promoting and adhering to the Principles for Digital Development;
  • Experience working with technology-enabled development programming;
  • Unique or specialized skills and expertise within digital development;
  • Credibility and reputation within the digital development community; and
  • Diversity of gender, sector representation, and geographic locations.

Read the Terms of Reference of the Advisory Council.